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September 20, 2011

Initial thoughts on Maybelline Fit Me!

September 20, 2011 |
Priceline Promotion until September 26
I bought three products from the Maybelline "Fit Me!" range yesterday for $30, as part of a current Priceline promotion (see above photo for details). I purchased the liquid foundation, pressed powder and concealer. Today was the first day I wore it and, to be honest, I'm not impressed.

The foundation is runny, has good coverage and is great to apply but, by this afternoon, my make up wore off and looked kinda gross. I wore the same primer as I do with my Revlon Colorstay (Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer) but I just wasn't happy with the results this afternoon. After application my face looked flawless, don't get me wrong, but the results didn't last.

With all this being said, I love the concealer! It's absolutely amazing. The colour is great, it blends incredibly well and it stays on really well.

This is just a mini review, guys. I've only worn it for a day but I just wanted to tell you my initial thoughts. Hopefully I'll do a more comprehensive review soon.

If you have any of the Fit Me! products, let me know what you think. Maybe the foundation isn't suited to Normal/Oily skin..

In other news, my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser arrived today! Can't wait to put it on.

Always look your best,

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  1. wow this is great Sophie, Ive seen the ads and was thinking of buying it, now I might hold off to see how you go with it. thank you

  2. To anonymous, I'm so glad to have helped! As I said, I'll be uploading a more detailed review soon once I've formed a better opinion of it. I'd definitely recommend the concealer, it has great coverage.

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