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September 15, 2011


September 15, 2011 | , , , , , , ,
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Yep, you read this right, I'm doing a giveaway! I'll be giving away two to three beauty products to a random winner when I hit 50 followers. That's right, only 50 followers! The winner will also have the opportunity to write a review of their products (I've never used them before) and have it published on Born to Buy.

So, how do you win? Easy, just follow this blog. That's it. When I reach 50 followers I'll be putting all your names into a randomiser (please comment below if you know a good online one) to choose a winner. Please keep checking your Google account as that's how I will contact the winner.

What are you waiting for, ladies and gents? Follow me today!

Goodluck to you all!

PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to have a Blogger specific account, don't stress. You can sign in with your Google account (YouTube, Blogger, Gmail etc)

Always look your best,

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