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September 16, 2011

Depoting Urban Decay's Primer Potion

Before depotting
As you all know, I love the Urban Decay Primer Potion! However, if you've read my review, I have a real issue with the packaging. Although it looks absolutely awesome, the genie shaped bottle makes it very difficult to access all the product. The formula that's stuck in the sides of the bottle stays there as the wand doesn't reach it. 

After watching some YouTube tutorials I discovered that it was possible to 'depot' my eyeshadow primer into a container of my choice. There are a few different ways to depot your Primer Potion but the easiest, and least dangerous, seems to be the microwave method.

What you need
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Containers to depot into - Check out eBay or Coastal Scents
  • Microwave safe mug or cup
  • A plate or make up mixing palette
  • Spatula, spoon or UDPP wand
  • Microwave
Take the wand out of your Primer Potion and stand the UDPP upwards (with the top facing the top of the microwave) in the cup. Place the cup/mug in the microwave for approximately 40secs for mini (sample size) and approximately 2 minutes for the normal size.

Remove the Primer Potion from the microwave and tap the tube on the plate until it is filled with product.

Photo from: http://www.bugsbeauty.com/2011/03/depotting-urban-decays-primer-potion.html
Collect the product with the spatula, spoon or UDPP wand and place it in the container. Repeat this process until the Primer Potion is empty and it's all in the container.

Hope this makes things easier for you, guys! I might not have explained this very well so feel free to ask me questions!
My depotted Primer Potion
My depotted Primer Potion
Would I recommend this? Definitely. It might take some time but it's definitely worth it.

PLEASE NOTE: This process does not alter the product at all. It still works amazingly well and goes back to its original consistency.

**According to my research, Urban Decay does not test on animals.

Always look your best,

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