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September 07, 2011

Benefit's Finding Mr Bright

All in all, I love this kit. It’s a four piece illuminating kit containing sample sizes of Benefit's four most sought after illuminating and face brightening products - Girl Meets Pearl (7.5mL), PosieTint (4.0mL), High Beam (2.5mL) and Erase Paste: No. 2 Medium (3.2g). 

Initially, I went to the Benefit counter to look at, and no doubt buy, High Beam. After discussing it with the saleswoman, I decided to try the whole kit. In Australia, each product in full size is $40  but I bought the whole kit for $40. I’d wanted to try all four of the products so it was perfect. It's probably one of the best things I've ever invested in.
Left to right: Girl Meets Pearl, High Beam, Posie
Tint and Erase Paste
Girl Meets Pearl - 7.5mL
Within this kit, Girl Meets Pearl is the only product I'm not sold on. It's designed to be applied on top of foundation for an 'allover lit-from-within glow'. I think it’s more created for people with dry skin and, as I mentioned in a previous review, mine’s more normal to oily so it’s not really suited.

Was it a waste though? No, I use it as an eye shadow/colour. I know it sounds weird but I just apply the smallest amount to my eyelids and it gives them a nice, natural goldish colour. I always apply the Urban Decay Primer Potion first though, as I'm not sure if it will crease on eyelids.
PosieTint - 4.0 mL
This, along with High Beam, was the product I was most looking forward to trying. It's a super pretty 'poppy-pink' fluid that's amazing as either a cheek or lip stain. Although the colour initially looks super intense when it's first applied, after a few minutes it provides cheeks and/or lips with a warm, natural pink, colouring.

The PosieTint is packaged in, what appears to be, a 'nail polish' bottle. The brush is similar to a nail polish brush and I actually really like that; draw a line on your cheeks, rub quickly and within seconds you have beautiful cheeks. The same can definitely be said for lips.

As much as I love pink make up, I've never been one for pink blushes. PosieTint has TOTALLY changed my opinion! Now I'm wearing pink blush all the time, even in powder form.

WARNING: Work fast with this product. It definitely dries quickly. 
High Beam- 2.5mL
I love this product. I have wanted this product for the LONGEST time and, in my opinion, it's definitely been worth the wait.. The only down side is, I had wanted it for so long that I talked it up to be something incredible. It's only 90% as good as I expected but that's still AWESOME. 

It's a beautiful liquid highlighter that can be used anywhere that requires definition; brow bones, cheek bones, cupid's bow, bridge of your nose etc. The possibilities really are endless. It's a silver and pink shimmer that dries to a matte finish so don't worry, you won't look like a disco ball.

The product comes in the same nail polish looking bottle, just like Benefit's PosieTint, Moon Beam, Benetint and ChaChaTint. Again, the nail polish style brush makes application a breeze. The formula is a lot thicker than PosieTint so it definitely doesn't require the same fast pace. Take your time.
Erase Paste- 3.2g
Erase paste is so much better than I expected. It's a pink based concealer designed to reduce under eye (and blemish) imperfections. The product is very creamy in consistency so I wouldn't recommend it as an all over concealer but it works wonders under eyes. The creamy consistency also ensures that it blends completely. It can be applied before or after foundation, whatever works best for the individual. 

Would I recommend this kit to people out there? I would AND I HAVE! It's the best way to try out 4 amazing products and see what works. 

Will I be buying these products in full? I'm already saving to buy High Beam and PosieTint. Girl Meets Pearl wasn't for me and Erase Paste is very similar in size to the original so it will last a long time.

**According to my research, Benefit does not test their products on animals.

Always look your best,

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  1. Thanks to you, I can actually get some use out of my erase paste!

  2. Those products look great!

  3. Are the products you recommend/discuss tested on animals?

  4. According to my research, no, Benefit does not test on animals. However, with this being said, I don't want to definitively say.

  5. Where did you buy this from?

  6. This was purchased at the Benefit counter in Myer.


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